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These pages contain my collected resources for scouts (particularly cub scouts).




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Risk Assessments

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Introduction ↑

These pages are not official scouts information, but are my own personal resources created and accumulated from helping with and running a cubs section.

Fun For Cubs And Scouts ↑

These are some online pages where cubs can try some escape rooms, puzzles and other fun things:

Fun For Cubs and Scouts (LINK)

Activities Resources ↑

These are some resources on different activities we have done with our cubs, to give ideas to leaders, parents and carers:

Activities Pages (LINK)

Games Resources ↑

Some ideas for games to play at meetings:

Games Pages (LINK)

Leader Resources ↑

These are some resources which cubs leaders may find of use generally:

Leaders Resources (LINK)

Places ↑

These are some of the places visited with cubs, such as the Drum Hill scout camp:

Places (LINK)

Skills ↑

Some simple skills it is useful to have:

Skills (LINK)

Risk Assessments ↑

These are some sample risk assessments I have had a go at:

Sample Risk Assessments (LINK)

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