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When I see examples of code on web pages, I sometimes wish I could test them immediately, rather than loading a test page or creating my own test page.

With this in mind, I have added a sprinkling of JavaScript, making use of eval (gasp), to let you test code snippets and edit them, inline as it were.

Indeed I feel that this is a legitimate use of eval, and perhaps a good reason for ensuring that it is retained in the language.

I have called this CodePlay, and, obviously, it does require JavaScript.

There are three types, with examples below:-


This lets you edit and run JavaScript snippets.

alert("A bit of JavaScript");



This lets you edit and display HTML snippets.

<p style="margin-left:10px; border:1px solid blue; padding:5px;">Some HTML</p>



This shows a whole web pages using either an iframe or to show the page contents. The latter may not work if you have pop-up blocking switched on.

	<p style="margin-left:10px; border:1px solid blue; padding:5px;">Some HTML</p>



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