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Presentation Tips

Some useful tips I happened across recently.

These are not my work, but I have lost the reference to give a proper citation:-

1. Talk at the same speed and in the same style as you would in a relaxed conversation.

2. Ensure silence after each key point or idea to allow listeners to digest the information.

3. Eye contact is most effective in the silence at the end of each key point.

4. Structure presentations around a few key messages, each one backed up by your evidence.

5. Use your hands to emphasise your words.

6. Use stories and anecdotes.

7. Ask rhetorical questions, framed by pauses.

To this list I might possibly add:-

8. Only use Powerpoint(or its equivalents) if you are confident that it will make a difference to your message.

There has been some recent research which suggests that the mental gymnastics needed to look at a slide and listen to a speaker, mean that you are likely to remember neither the slide nor the the speaker.


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