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Spring Clean 2007

Bluebells on Crich Chase, Derbyshire, April 2007


I am a lawyer from England, with an amateur interest in programming, and as it's spring-time in England, I thought I would give my web site a spring-clean.

To start off with: a new layout and a blog.

The Layout

I am no graphic designer - the lofty achievements of contributors to the CSS Zen Garden remain far outside my modest design skills -, so I have tried to keep things plain and simple.

Blogging Subjects

I am going to start-off with a few practice entries relating to my programming interests; and also some entries of possibly more general interest.

The Blog Engine

The blog engine is my own amateur work, written in PHP and MySQL.

I could have used one of the many blogging tools available, but I have been trying to teach myself PHP and MySQL, and a blog seemed like a good starting point; for want of a better project.

As the blog is my own work, I apologise now for any bugs you encounter. I have tested it so far on Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera 9; and I will download a copy of WebKit at some point.

In the faint hope that I might discover something sufficiently interesting to say, and attract a comment or two, I have included some security measures against comment spam, including a requirement that comments are previewed before submitting them. I appreciate that my defences against comment spam will be fairly poor to start with, and I will look eventually at services such as Akismet.

Future Technical Additions

Future additions to the site will include:-

  • An RSS feed.
  • A media="print" style sheet.
  • An articles database system.


Sorry, comments have been suspended. Too much offensive comment spam is causing the site to be blocked by firewalls (which ironically therefore defeats the point of posting spam in the first place!). I don't get that many comments anyway, so I am going to look at a better way of managing the comment spam before reinstating the comments.

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